Check out websites we’ve helped develop.

WordPress: Defi Deal

We developed the Defi Deal website, a platform dedicated to offering exclusive deals and curated experiences in Mauritius. This project aimed to create a dynamic, user-friendly site that enhances user engagement and simplifies the booking process.


  • Seamless Navigation: Easy access to a variety of deals and experiences.
  • Responsive Design: Optimized for viewing on all devices.
  • Secure Booking System: Reliable and efficient for hassle-free reservations.

WordPress: Social Value Company

We developed the Social Value Company website, a platform dedicated to helping businesses realize and maximize their social value. The site provides tools and services for social value reporting, employee well-being, and strategic consultancy.


  • Social Value Reporting: An intuitive tool for generating comprehensive social value reports.
  • Employee Well-being Platform: A suite of well-being tools to enhance employee health and productivity.
  • Consultancy Services: Tailored solutions to help businesses integrate and enhance their social value strategies.

WordPress: Martha

We developed the Martha website, a service providing professional nannies for business leaders, freelancers, and self-employed individuals in Belgium. This project aimed to create a reliable platform where families can find experienced nannies who offer comprehensive childcare services at home.


  • Detailed Screening: Thorough selection process ensuring high-quality caregivers.
  • Long-term Availability: Nannies available on a long-term basis, dedicated to one family.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Customizable hours with a minimum commitment.
  • Comprehensive Care: Nannies handle everything from transportation and homework help to meal preparation and playtime.

Shopify: TropicBuzz

We developed the TropicBUZZ website, a platform for a premier photo and video studio offering a range of creative services. The site caters to various needs including photo sessions, studio rentals, and branding ads.


  • Photo Sessions: Booking system for professional photoshoots with top photographers.
  • Studio Rentals: Fully equipped studio space with pre-lit cyc wall, backdrops, and more.
  • Mobile Studio: On-location services with professional equipment and creators.

Laravel: Wimtorq

We developed the Wimtorq website, a platform focused on innovative advertising solutions that leverage word-of-mouth marketing to help brands and businesses grow. The site provides tools and features designed to enhance advertising efficiency and reach.


  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Utilizes personal recommendations to boost brand trust and customer engagement.
  • Advertising Tools: Comprehensive suite of tools for creating, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns.
  • Analytics and Insights: Detailed performance metrics to track the success of advertising efforts and make data-driven decisions.