Comprehensive PDF Management and Integration with Contact Form 7 and Hubsolv


Complete PDF Management and Integration

This single milestone covers all aspects of the project, ensuring a comprehensive solution is delivered. PDF Upload and Field Mapping: Enable the upload of PDF ...
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Budget: $300

This project involves developing a robust PDF management system that integrates seamlessly with Contact Form 7 (CF7) forms and Hubsolv. The key functionalities include:

1. PDF Upload and Field Mapping:
– Enable the upload of PDF files.
– Map CF7 form fields to the corresponding fields in the uploaded PDF.

2. Dynamic PDF Creation:
– Allow the creation of new PDFs dynamically.
– Map CF7 form fields to the newly created PDF fields.

3. Conditional PDF Sending:
– Implement a validation check to ensure all required CF7 fields are completed before sending the PDF.

4. Automated PDF Sending Post Signature:
– Automatically send the completed PDF to customers after they submit their signature.

5. Integration with Hubsolv:
– Upload and manage all generated and received PDFs within the Hubsolv system.

6. PDF Resend Feature:
– Add a button to resend PDFs upon editing, ensuring customers can receive updated documents as needed.